Thursday, October 4, 2012


Monday morning we visited Ngoma sub-parish. A sub-parish is a worshipping community that is a kind of out station for a parish. It's not quite the same as a multi-point or combined parish. Often it is led by a catechist, with periodic visits by the parish priest. The reason for our visit to Ngoma was to see how the people are building a new Church. Ngoma sub-parish is quite new. Currently they meet in a nearby school classroom, but now they are building their own church.

Children in Ngoma
On the way we stopped in at the administrative office for the Gashikanwa Commune (county), where we were warmly greeted by the administrator, Jeanne-Françoise, who is the wife of Archdeacon Leonidas.

Bishop Jane with Jeanne-Francoise in Ngoma
Arriving at Ngoma, we discovered the people hard at work, along with their pastor. They showed us how they were laying the foundation. Nearby there were piles of bricks ready to build the walls. Our visit provided an opportunity to stop for a few minutes while we were introduced. Then a group sang a few songs of welcome and praise.

Singing in Ngoma
After prayers of blessing offered by both bishops, we left the people of Ngoma to their work, and returned to Ngozi. There we briefly visited a guest house operated by the diocese, and popped in to the local market. Then home for lunch, and some time to prepare for our journey home.

Foundation walls
In the late afternoon we stopped in at St John's parish in Ngozi, where we met Pastor Noel and his wife Clothilde.

Monday evening there was a dinner with diocesan staff and clergy, where we shared some stories, and I had a chance to show some of my photos from the trip. Too soon, it seems, it was time to say farewell to our friends. Tuesday we will make our way to Bujumbura to catch our flights home.

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