Monday, September 24, 2012

Bujumbura, and on to Buyé

Monday morning dawned bright and hot. After breakfast we were taken on a brief tour of Bujumbura beginning at Lake Tanganyika. It was a treat for me to return to this enormous and beautiful lake.

But this time there was a surprise in store!

Even Bishop Sixbert said it was only the second time he had seen hippos in person. They just munched contentedly on the vegetation by the side of the lake as we watched.

From Lake Tanganyika we went to the cathedral in Bujumbura, where we were met by the dean and another priest from that diocese.

After our tour of the cathedral we were welcomed by Bishop Pie who chatted with us a bit. Bishop Pie attended our General Synod in Winnipeg in 2007. He also spoke of some upcoming meetings that he will be attending in Toronto and Ottawa later this fall.

Finally, after a sumptuous lunch we got on the road to the Diocese of Buyé, where we checked in to the accommodations that will be home for the next week..

The adventure continues.

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