Monday, September 24, 2012


“Amahoro!” (“Peace”) is the usual greeting in Kirundi. We have heard it (and said it) a lot the past several hours

After a 24 hour trip from Edmonton, Bishop Jane, Tim and I arrived in Bujumbura for a visit to Buyé. We arrived just after nightfall at Bujumbura airport after an 8-hour flight from Brussels, to be met with a warm welcome from our old friends. Bishop Sixbert, his wife Clothilde, and our old friends Dominique and Deo had made the journey from Buyé to meet us in Bujumbura.

Tim, Bishop Jane, Bishop Sixbert and Clothilde enjoying dinner

Having claimed our bags and gone through the immigration formalities, we were driven into the city of Bujumbura where we were to stay the night. After a delicious dinner (I had the Burundian goat – yum!) we were read for bed and dreams of the adventures that awaited.

Over the next ten days I will be making regular updates on this blog so that you can follow Bishop Jane's visit to Buyé, as she meets the people of our companion diocese.

Details of the preliminary visit to Buyé by a diocesan delegation, and Bishop Sixbert's visit to Edmonton in June, can be found in the blog archives.

Dominique, Bishop Sixbert, Bishop Jane, Tim, Clothilde and Deo

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