Monday, May 21, 2012


Note: This post is late due to difficulties with the internet connection on our last day in Burundi.

Tuesday was our last full day in Burundi, and a full day it was. We travelled to Kirundo, near the border with Rwanda. Arriving at Murama parish we were greeted by the Archdeacon and his congregation.

Next we walked over to the local primary school, where it seemed all 2000 of the students wanted to meet us individually. It was a veritable sea of children, who seemed to flow in waves around us. The headmaster told us about the school, the students, and the 46 teachers.

Returning from the school toward the church, we were introduced to a group of people with HIV, who showed us their bread-baking project. They sell the bread as a way of making an income. 

Maize field
The group escorted us to a nearby field where they also grow maize and groundnuts, which they also sell. By the time we returned to the oven, the bread was ready and we were able to sample it. Delicious!

The visit complete, we went on to Cohoha Lake, right on the Burundi-Rwanda border. 

Lake ferry
We tested the lake ferry, and then ate lunch at a hotel/conference centre run by an order of Catholic nuns. 

Then it was time for the trip back to Ngozi.

In the evening we had dinner with the diocesan staff, who said farewell to us. Not goodbye, but until we meet again. A la prochaine.

It was a memorable conclusion to a memorable trip.

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