Sunday, May 13, 2012

Umubiri n'amaraso ya Kristo

Sunday morning dawned with the promise of a day of worship. Our ride arrived and we drove to Buyé for the service at the Cathedral. As we stepped out of the car we were overwhelmed by people singing already in the church. We got vested and then processed into the cathedral to start the service. We were introduced and I had an opportunity to bring greetings from the Diocese of Edmonton and from Bishop Jane. In some respects the service was just like home. We read the same readings set for the day, heard a sermon and celebrated the eucharist. But that's where the similarities end. During the service seven different choirs sang to a packed Cathedral. There must have been well over 300 people participating in the service. It was an amazingly joyous and uplifting time of worship.

Youth Choir

Sunday School Choir

Mubanga Parish Choir

Lycée de Buyé (High School) Choir

Ngozi St Jean Parish Choir

Kayanza Parish Choir

Mwumba Parish Choir

At the time of communion the three of us were invited to concelebrate with Bishop Sixbert and several of his clergy. Then Quinn and I were invited to assist in distributing communion. I must have said “Umubiri n'amaraso ya Kristo” (“The body and blood of Christ”) 150 times as the faithful came forward to receive the sacrament.

At the end of the service we distributed the cards from Edmonton Sunday School children to the Cathedral Sunday School. Checking our watches after the service we were surprised to see that three hours had flown by.

In the afternoon we were welcomed to the bishop's home along with a couple of dozen clergy and lay leaders for a sumptuous lunch and conversation.

A memorable Sunday.

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