Saturday, May 12, 2012

Getting There

Our first day in Burundi began with a brief tour of Bujumbura, stopping to see Lake Tanganyika and Bujumbura Cathedral. 

Then we began a three-hour journey along winding roads through the mountains of Burundi to Ngozi. Along the way we noticed a lot of people on the highway, walking or selling things by the roadside or otherwise going about their business. Bicycles and trucks outnumbered cars on the road, and we were frequently the only vehicle in sight.

We stopped to buy some bananas and passion fruit. Stopping to see a tea plantation we noticed a man wearing a hat that said Traditional Ale on it. Earlier we had noticed a sign in Bujumbura advertising the Alberta Restaurant. Reminders of home.

Eventually we arrived at Ngozi and got checked in to our hotel and had lunch. Then it was off to the diocesan offices for a brief tour and the opportunity to meet some of the staff. Finally we returned to sleep and prepare ourselves for the adventures ahead.

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