Sunday, September 30, 2012


Sunday morning started sunny and bright. It was a taste of things to come. We arrived at All Saints' Cathedral in Buyé for worship to a warm welcome. We were escorted to the chapel to change for the service and we could hear the congregation already singing. When we processed around the side of the cathedral we noticed that banana stalks had been placed along the front path to the door, a sign of welcome for a dignitary.

Entering the cathedral, it was obvious that it was packed.

We began with words of welcome and introduction by Bishop Sixbert, and Bishop Jane, Tim and I were each invited to say a few words to the congregation. Then the choirs began singing. In all there were five different choirs. It was an incredible experience.

Cathedral Choir

Ngozi Youth Choir

Cathedral Childrens' Choir

Mwumba Youth Choir

Lycee de Buye Choir

Then there was a song and people came forward into the crossing and began dancing. Even the bishops joined in.

Bishop Jane preached on the life of the church based on the letter of James. At the end of the sermon the congregation applauded enthusiastically.

Then followed communion. Again, Bishop Jane and I had the privilege of distributing communion.

Finally, the service came to a close and we processed out. That's when we were treated to a surprise!

A talented group of traditional drummers and dancers entertained the entire congregation outside the cathedral. Again, even the bishops joined in.

Eventually it was time to move to the bishop's house for lunch with all the diocesan staff and clergy. It was a delicious feast of chicken, beef, goat, potatoes, rice, bananas, peas and spinach. Both bishops shared their vision and hopes for the development of the partnership between Edmonton and Buyé, and we were presented with gifts.

We made our goodbyes and returned to our hotel. What better way to spend a Sunday?

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