Saturday, June 7, 2014

First Day

Friday dawned sunny and warm. Our guests came to the Synod Office and met the staff and had a brief tour of the Cathedral. The it was off to Christ Church where we were greeted by Archdeacon Michael Rolph.

During our visit we heard a little about the various mission activities the parish engages in, such as the Oliver Community Festival, community dinners and the new Ascend Leadership Project.

After lunch it was back to the Synod Office for a conversation with our Communications Director, and then home for a much needed rest to fend off the jet lag.

Friday evening we attended the Anglican Church Women (ACW) centennial banquet, where Bishop Sixbert brought greetings and told us a bit about his own diocese.

Bishop Sixbert

The banquet was an opportunity for our guests to renew some acquaintances and to meet new people, and for many members of the Diocese of Edmonton to meet our guests for the first time.

Bishop Sixbert and Clotilde

Having made some acquaintances, we were ready for a good night's sleep to prepare for Saturday's ACW conference.

Canon Bibiane and Rev Dominique

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